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3 Arguments for Skipping the MLS When Selling a House in Lexington

3 Reasons Why People Are Choosing to Skip the MLS When Selling a House in Lexington

Selling a house in Lexington? Unfortunately, not every house is a suitable match for the Multiple Listing Service; when owners are unable to make improvements and update the property to display it in its best light, buyers on the MLS regard the listing as a great chance to save money. Receiving their ridiculously low offer with little to no consideration for you as the seller or the true market worth of your house might be frustrating.

While your Lexington home is on the market, perhaps you had to move and move a load of another house. Traveling to take care of your listed property or hiring someone else to handle it for you, placing one of your most valuable possessions into their hands, may become stressful for you, time-consuming, and expensive. Additionally, the conventional listing procedure requires time and may not be the ideal way to sell if you’re in a hurry. Continue reading as we go over three reasons why Lexington home sellers decide against using the MLS.

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With No Listing Fees

The ability to avoid the MLS while selling a house in Lexington is one of the primary benefits. Agents, however, also have requirements for marketing real estate, including hiring specialists for professional photography, drone filming, and staging at your expense. Personal goods are hidden from view during the staging process, which may result in an increase in storage space costs for your excess. To give a blank canvas so that customers may more readily paint themselves into the picture, experts in this sales-enhancing technique intentionally employ color and free space.

You’ll also be responsible for paying for any repairs, whatever they occur. Whether you take on the project yourself before marketing it or the repairs significantly reduce your earnings during discussions of contingencies, with ridiculously expensive estimates from the purchasers. When you sell directly to a qualified buyer like those at Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC, you won’t have to pay for an inspection, an appraisal, any commissions, or any other unforeseen costs. Additionally, by making a direct sale to Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC, you may avoid incurring expenditures for preparation or falling into a financial hole by beginning repairs because we assume all of the risks.

Selling a House? – We Buy Houses Lexington

Nothing Shown

Another reason individuals opt to forgo the MLS when selling a house in Lexington is to avoid the inconveniences of showings. It would be good to have at least 24 hours’ notice before a showing, but if a customer shows up unexpectedly from out of town with little notice, your agent would probably appreciate your flexibility. The requirements of showings can often become quite taxing and demanding. In order to give the impression that there are no dogs living there and to make it smell like someone is baking a new pie, the premises are constantly cleaned, and all occupants are evicted. When you make a direct sale to a buyer like those at Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC, you won’t have to worry about negotiating with your buyer or putting up with them if they have special needs. Additionally, if you’d like, the full-service staff at Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC may handle the final clean-up.

Selling a House? – We Buy Houses Lexington

No More Pondering Your Closing Date

Another justification for not using the MLS when selling a house in Lexington is knowing the closing date. Every day your listing is on the market reduces your income more when you have to deal with ongoing expenses and the obligation to make repairs. Homes that are on the market for a long time also frequently sell for substantially less than the initial asking price. Due to the strength of pay backs from direct purchasers like Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC, our offer gives sellers like you a fixed closing date. Most homes close within a few weeks, but if that sounds too quickly for your plans, let your direct buyer at Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC know. Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC will schedule the closing at the date that would be the most convenient for your future move. We are delighted to accommodate your goals. Additionally, you save even more money by paying no closing charges when you sell straight to Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC.

Selling a House? – We Buy Houses Lexington

It’s evident why so many people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Lexington and work with a direct buyer from Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC instead. A direct sale to Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC offers convenience and saves sellers money and time. In addition, the direct buyers at Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC offer sellers the numbers behind our offer and every option under no pressure and no obligation to help them make an educated decision about what works best for their circumstances. You’ll know what you’d profit from a listing vs. selling directly. So why not find out the difference for yourself today and talk to one of our direct buyers at Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC about your property and any obstacles you may be facing with time or finances, no obligation or pressure whatsoever. Call Bluegrass Investment Properties LLC at (859) 321-6618.

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