When Selling Your Home in Lexington KY, There are 5 Signs That You Can Trust Your Buyer.

5 Signs You Can Trust Your Buyer When Selling Your House Directly in Lexington

Are you ready to sell your home but worried about the high commissions a real estate agent will charge? Would you rather not deal with the paperwork, marketing, legal issues, showings, and other annoyances that come with selling your home in Lexington KY on your own? Are you aware that there is another option?

With a direct sale, you can avoid all of the hassles of finding buyers and assisting them in obtaining financing by scheduling inspections, appraisals, and, all too often, making costly repairs yourself. When you sell your home directly, a professional buyer will buy it as-is, so you won’t have to worry about making repairs.

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If you’ve decided that a direct sale is the best way to sell your house, you’ll want to make sure you check them out before signing anything. Make sure you’re working with a reputable company by doing your homework first. When selling your home in Lexington KY, the following five signs indicate that you can trust your buyer.

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Offer in Writing

A reliable buyer will put their offer in writing. While shaking hands is important in business, any significant business transaction, particularly a contract to sell your home, should be written by a professional. When selling your home in Lexington KY, a willingness to make sure you understand all of the steps in the process is an indication that you can have confidence in your buyer. Direct buyers, such as those at Bluegrass Investment Properties, go over the contract to make sure you feel the offer is reasonable and that you don’t end up with seller’s remorse at closing.


When selling your home in Lexington KY, keeping the transaction simple with no hidden fees or surprises at closing is a good sign that you can trust your buyer. A direct buyer should make an offer you feel is fair; explaining exactly how much cash you will walk away with from the closing should not be a mystery. So, how does it all come together? A professional buyer, such as those at Bluegrass Investment Properties, will present and compare the numbers for listing your home with a traditional real estate agent versus selling it yourself. Every figure should be thoroughly explained so that you can make a fair comparison. An ethical direct buyer considers your financial and personal circumstances when deciding which sales method is best for you.

Provided Service

When a company has a high rating from its customers, it means you can trust your buyer when selling your home in Lexington KY. Because you discuss your property and any complications you are experiencing with a professional, you should not find reviews about feeling pressured to make a decision or feeling obligated to work with a direct buyer. The professional buyer understands that circumstance plays a significant role in the sale of a home, and that they must listen to you in order to help you solve your problems. The ability of a cash buyer, such as those at Bluegrass Investment Properties, to close quickly allows you to pay off creditors or even avoid foreclosure procedures. Working with a direct buyer also means you can postpone closing if you need more time before relocating because they won’t be moving in.

Professionals with Years of Experience

When selling your home in Lexington KY, another sign that you can trust your buyer is if they have been in business for a long time. Longevity is used to demonstrate their financial ability to back up the cash offer and pay off your mortgage quickly. You won’t have to deal with inexperienced buyers who keep your house on the market while they wait for financing approval. Learning that the mortgage lender has denied the loan because they went on a spending spree after the loan application was approved is an expensive lesson.

Buyers From The Area

sell my house fast lexington ky

When selling your home in Lexington KY, working with a professional buyer who lives in Lexington KY indicates that your buyer is trustworthy. Professional buyers improve Lexington KY communities and the overall lifestyle for all residents while helping neighbors solve financial or personal problems one home at a time. Direct buyers, such as those at Bluegrass Investment Properties, do not regard you as a number. They genuinely care about the people and families in their community, and they are proud of the work they do.

Sell My House Fast Lexington KY
Sell My House Fast Lexington KY

Bluegrass Investment Properties invites you to read the reviews for yourself if you’re looking for all the signs that you can trust your buyer when selling your house directly in Lexington KY. You’ll discover that Bluegrass Investment Properties offers everything that sellers and buyers are looking for, and more. Our direct buyers at Bluegrass Investment Properties put it in writing with a simple contract. You won’t even have to clean up; Bluegrass Investment Properties will handle everything; all you have to do is pack your belongings and leave the rest to us! Send us a message or call (859) 321-6618 to reach Bluegrass Investment Properties.

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